Version 2

It was September 2010. I had just finished my second academic degree. For ten years I had the drive to study next to a fulltime job. As a result I learned to set priorities and persevere to obtain certain skills and knowledge. And suddenly I had a sea of spare time.

At the age of 14 I started to play the saxophone. I never wanted to go to flute lessons like many kids in my class did. “I only want to play a decent  instrument”. But to be honest I never had the discipline then to study enough. But I liked to improvise.

And now 25 years later I found myself knocking on the piano along with music on the headphones. I borrowed my mothers Yamaha keyboard for sometime. When I  noticed I was playing it every evening I decided to buy my own. See the Tools page for more info on what happened.

First I started to make some jazz, lounge, hiphop type of music. I even dusted my saxophone and recorded myself a few times. I liked making beats with MASCHINE using samples from other records. During the christmas holidays of 2013 I decided to give it a try making a Trance track. Why? At that point in time I had only three Trance CD’s: Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise, Paul van Dyk’s Reflections (which I had not played for years) and a recent purchase: Armin van Buuren’s Mirage. Maybe it’s was because I live close to Armin?

But after finishing this track, for some reason a hobby had turned into an obsession. I said to myself: this is the type of music I want to become good at making! I started to scour and  listen a lot of mixes on Youtube, especially the ones by Shane Collins. Slowly I began to discover Progressive House. And I think I have a natural tendency towards this ‘softer’ genre. Why is that? I don’t know. Armin van Buuren used to listen to Jean Michel Jarre. That explains why he likes electronic music with lots of synthesizers. When I was young (I still am of course) I listened a lot to Genesis (with lots of synthesizers). From Progressive Rock to Progressive House.