There is enough music that I like to share. Below is a slowly growing list of music that inspires me. Unfortunately the term Progressive House is used for quite different types of dance music. The type of Progressive House that I like is the music released by labels like Silk Digital Records, Elliptical Sun Melodies, sunset melodies, Perplexity Music, Portrait Digital. Personally I learned a lot from Shane Collin’s Trance and Progressive Journey mixes. But Alex H and Roald Velden also deliver regular mixes in this genre.

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Latest addition:

Paul van Dyk – Around the Garden

Recently started listening to Paul van Dyk again. His album Reflection is the first Trance I ever listened to. This one is taken from Politics of Dancing 3.

Armin van Buuren – Pulsar

There is so much good music produced by Armin (and Benno). This one is maybe less familiar, taken from Intense. When I first heard it I thought he produced it together with Paul van Dyk.

Talamanca – Society

I first heard about Talamanca when I looked for Roald Velden on Facebook. Talamanca came up as a page recommendation. Then I saw the name again on the website of Silk Music. So I looked at his bio and guess what? Dutch guy! Very nice tracks. Progressive House as it is ment to be. If I could make music like this…. So Nils if you read this and would like to teach me a lesson, you are more than welcome.


Estiva – I Feel Fine

I remember listening to Shane Collins’ mixes and every time this track came by I went to check the track list: again Estiva! And there was more than one great Estiva track. So once looked up Estiva and found out… he is just (another) Dutch guy, living 30 km from here. This track is about five years old now but I still find this one of his best tracks (Sorry Steven!). The build up is brilliant, starting with that single Eb bass note starting at 1 minute, the piano motif at 2 minutes that slightly distorted lead sound at 4 minutes, and especially the apex at 5:25. And then taking two minutes to slowly take it down.
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 Juventa – The Kite

And again… a Dutch guy. Together with Estiva two of the big names at Enhanced Music.

Shingo Nakamura – Hakodate

Here is another one that I got to know via the Trance & Progressive journey mixes of Shane Collins. Also builds up slowly with single chord staccato pluck sounds and filters opening. Single bass note riffs. A short piano motif and after 2 minutes that typical synth lead progression with opening filters at the end, before the drop.

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Alex H – Angels Among Us

First heard about Alex H via Roald Velden’s Minded Music mixes. Those plucky sounds in leads and chords, soaked in reverb and delay but with style. An archetype Progressive House track. He offers a lot of very good tracks for free on SoundCloud.


Blood Groove & Kikis – Chordplay

Got to know Blood Groove & Kikis via Shane Collins “Best Progressive Trance/House + Melodic trance Sessions 22”, a track called Voices. This one is from the album Wonderland. It is just everything: the rhythm at the beginning, the staccato pluck, the arpeggiated notes, that fat clap sound and the funky guitar that comes in at 4:20. If I could spend only one day in the studio with these guys to see how they do it. They really master the art of Progressive House. Listen for example to Raindrops and Free Like a Bird from the same album.

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Terry da Libra – The Rising

This one was also in one of Shane Collins’ mixes. Have a look at the wave form in TRAKTOR for example. This track is so full of harmonics. And properly side chained.


Deadmau5 – The Veldt

The chord progression makes this entire track, simply brilliant.


Kago Pengchi – Sinabro

I got to know this one via the Enhanced Sessions Vol 4 mixed by Estiva & Juventa. The track is less than 4 minutes and that is why you keep pressing repeat in the car. Not exactly Progressive House, a lot rougher than that with that complextro bass sound in it. But that heavy synth chord hook at 1:40 is great.

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BT & Adam K – Tomahawk

Now that we are slowly moving away from Progressive House I want to mention this one. It starts very nice and quite with the theme. After a minute the kick comes in. This goes on for another 2 minutes. But then at 3 minutes they open the drawer with all the special effects and samples. Back to the theme and again back to the samples and effects, 9 minutes in total without becoming boring.