Here are some links to my favourite websites

Of course my own record label: Philatrex Records.

Most recent development: after doing the Producers course last year I now started the DJ course ast DJ School Amsterdam.

Where I learned the most is probably Sonic Academy. Hours and hours of tutorials, sample packs, the great ANA synth and presets, and interviews with the pro’s.

If I had the time to go back to school, it would be this: Point Blank Music School London. They offer great courses online and many tutorials, interviews, reviews. A real authority in the field of electronic dance music education I would say.

Another one for great tutorials and synth presets is ADSRSounds. They also maintain massive etc.

In finally Music Production Tutorials. The total says it all.

In 2013/2014 I followed the Digital Sound course at the SAE Institute in Rotterdam. I learned a lot and it was great to work in a real studio.


For a year I did an online course at LerenComponeren, including 1 hour a month face-to-face coaching. We usually discuss the tracks I’m working on.

The last two are dangerous sites for people with Gear Acquisition Syndrome: Native Instruments. 

And where would I be without Bax Shop?