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Hearing Armin van Buuren at the Garenmarkt at Kingsway this year, I thought: let’s give it a try and make some Trance/EDM style track. I have heard this first part of Vivaldi’s recorder concerto RV443 (hence 4 for 3) so many times on Sunday mornings at 8 on Radio 1. It is a piece of baroque music in 3/4 but you can hear the 4/4 rhythm in it as well: it actually starts with 4 quarter notes. I took the first 18 bars and changed the signature from 3/4 to 4/4 (hence 4 for 3) by shifting some of the notes. I reinvented the chord scheme and there it was. The first 4 minutes are more Trance style, the last 3 a bit more EDM (hence 4 for 3).

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely

After around 6 tracks in Logic it was time to do it again in MASCHINE. It took me a while to finish Wood and Rope. I was only generating new material and even more material but I could not turn it into a coherent track. At some point the project contained so much material I decided to cut it into two pieces and use only the first half. (Who knows what will happen to the other half?) I added again some new chords (on top of already existing chords) and a simple melody, using the same MASSIVE preset and there it was!

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely

Go to the Store to purchase Wood and Rope.

Between Wood and Rope and Flour Factory there is a track called Simplex Algorythm which will is released on BRASA Music.

Progressive Insight

So far my last track is always my best. At least that’s what I think. This means I’m still making progress.

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely

Flour Factory

For this track I first recorded the video material at De Meelfabriek in Leiden, simply with my iPod. Then I created the music and finally I edited the video material to match exactly with the music. Notice by the way that there was a life before Hailbeat when I still used Redwood as my artist name but it turned out that there were too many people using it.



Cold Art




Farmers Logic

The first one produced with Logic. It also contains Sonic Academy’s ANA Synth for the first time. Finally some decent pluck sounds.

Thirteen in a Dozen

This one I produced also in MASCHINE and submitted it as my production assignment at the SAE Institute. (I got my certificate so it probably wasn’t too bad). The piano parts are recorded from my external Yamaha keyboard: the best piano sounds I had at that time.

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely


Pedal to the Metal

This is my first attempt to make Trance. Produced entirely in MASCHINE 2.0.

But there was a life before Trance and Progressive and I’m not ashamed of it. These two tracks are worth mentioning.


I produced this track during my summer holiday in Spain the first time I took my laptop and keyboard with me. It started as a jam session in MASCHINE playing with Herby Hancock’s Wiglle Waggle.

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely

Morning Sunrise

In this track I used the bass line sampled from Wynton Kelly’s “Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise”

SoundCloud / Hailbeat – via Iframely